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Monday, May 29, 2006

Train your Brain, Stay on your Game

Health, Life

Money magazine has an article in this months addition about exercises to train your brain like you would your body to keep up with our fast paced world. Money claims the 66% of older people who did brain training activities similar to these showed significan cognitive improvement in a long-term study.

Here are the activities that were listed in the article:

  • Build Memory Muscle
    Exercise - As you go throughout your day, try pairing words/names you need to learn with known visual images.
    Result -Your short-term memory stores five to nine items at a time for up to 30 seconds, by repeating a longer sequence, you force it to hold more time.
  • Maintain Mental Agility
    Exercise - Learn something new. Take time to take a language class after work; sign up for advanced computing; sit in on your childs music lessons.
    Result -Learning helps keep the neurons firing and makes it easier for them to keep doing so.
  • Speed up Recall
    Exercise - Periodically slowing down. Use your lunch hour for Yoga or meditation. Or just close you office door and nap.
    Result -Decelerating your mind can increase the speed of recall. Stress and information overload create "noise" in active areas of the brain.

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