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Saturday, May 27, 2006

States get tougher with sex offenders, what is going on in Michigan

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There was an article in USA Today recently regarding the public fear of sex and how 14 govenors have signed bills this year that are tougher on sex offenders. The measures extend prison sentences, restrict where offenders can live, improve public notification of their whereabouts, order electronic monitoring or broaden prosecutorial power.

The part of this article that was interesting to me, that is not icluded in the above link, it was only in the paper, was this chart shown here listing states that have enacted tougher sex offender laws this year and the number of registered sex offenders in each state. Being from Michigan, this freaked me out a bit.

For those of you as shocked about this as I was, here are a few more sites that will give you addresses and maps of where the registered sex offenders are living:

  • Family Watchdog
  • United States Department of Justice

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