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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Refunds from Online Retailers

Internet, Shopping

There are a number of online retailers that offer to credit buyers back cash on past purchases. For instance, if the product you purchased at "" . within the last 30 days has dropped in price they will credit you back the difference.

That's great news!

The only problem is that you have to check the latest prices and then notify them in order to get the credit.

The guys at "" make this process much easier for you. After you make a purchase, visit this web site and enter the purchase information into their database along with your email address. They do the rest. they'll check the prices everyday and send you a message if the price has dropped. In the message will be a link right to the place where you claim your credit.

You can track any kind of item: cameras, clothes, consumer electronics, computers, software, DVDs, well, anything! Just enter the information into the database and they will track it for you!

Currently, they only track prices at, but they have identified a number of other online retailers that we will be adding to their system in the days and weeks ahead.

Could save you a dime or two.

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