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Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Pill that gets rid of really Bad Memories

Health, Science

Clinical psychologists have started testing with the hypertension drug called propranolol and it's effects on lessening the trauma of bad memories (see article "The Spotless Mind" ). Propranolol, blocks the effects of strees hormones which can permanently scorch traumatic sights, sounds and smells into the brain.

The drug is given to patients when they recall the trauma and the stress hormones are being released again giving them the "flashback" feelings. The drug blocks the hormones making the recollection less dramatic and begins to edit the feeling brought about by the memories making them less tramatic.

Think of it, wiping out bad memories like accidents, embarissing moments, bad dates, bad hair days, that day you had toilet paper stuck to your shoe all day.......the possibilities are endless.

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