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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Kodak Photo Service Fined for Spamming

Internet, Digital Camera

Digital photo service Kodak Imaging Network, previously known as Ofoto, has settled charges it sent nearly 2 million unsolicited e-mails without a way to opt out, a violation of the CAN-SPAM Act. The Federal Trade Commission imposed a $26,331 penalty for the infraction, which is the total of the proceeds from the e-mail campaign.

Kodak is additionally now required to keep records and report to the FTC to ensure compliance. The CAN-SPAM Act requires that e-mail marketers give an option to opt out of unsolicited e-mails. The messages must be identified as an ad and include a vaiid postal address. The law also bars misleading subject lines or header information to conceal the identity of the sender.

I have used this service for years and have never noticed any spamming, maybe it gets caught by my spam guard.

Thanks BetaNews

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