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Monday, May 22, 2006

Flawless Man-Made Diamonds

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During the past year, scientists have mastered the ability to grow 10-carat single crystals with a color and clarity that surpass mined diamonds. Experts predict that within a decade, they will be cheaper and to expect to see the first diamond semi-conductors in 2011.

They start with flawless, button-sized diamonds. They place these diamonds in the microwave chamber and feed them hydrogen adn methane gases. When the temp hits 1300 degrees F, the hydrogen combines with the methane to produce a highly reactive form of carbon. These carbon radicals rain down from a cloud of hot plasma and bond to the carbon on the surface of the diamond seed and a new diamond crystal soon begins to form.

These are not fake diamonds, they have the same atomic structure as mined diamonds. So no Zirons here.

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