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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

China’s Three Gorges Dam is Finally Ready

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China’s Three Gorges Dam, construction of which began in 1993, is all set to be inaugurated this Saturday when it is expected to reach its final height of 185m (607 feet). During 10 years of its making, the dam that has been surrounded with controversies would come into operation only until 2009.

Once completed, the Three Gorges Dam that stands as the world’s largest at 2,000-meter in length will start controlling floods by raising its water storage. The water level is expected to reach 156 meters. Authorities claim that the structure is sturdy enough to withstand even the most devastating of floods and deadliest terrorist attacks.

Built on the Yangtse River, the dam has come up as one of the top-notch travel destinations in China. One kind of flood that the Three Gorges Dam is unable to withstand is the flood of tourists who are pouring in from all corners of the country to have a glimpse of the world’s largest dam.

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